More-than-human-centered design

Tools for more-than-human-centered design practices

Whilst there is no shortage of theoretical commitments to human-centredness within the field of design, in practical reality they tend to turn out as tool for business opportunities, quick economic gains and surveillance capitalism. Why do we believe that design can afford the veneer of faux humanity; especially at a time when anthropocentrism is coming under attack from a multitude of perspectives? Isn’t it imperative today that students are enabled to design from a much more forward-looking frame of reference? One that goes beyond this so-called human-centeredness? In my group we will prototype strategies and tools for designers to deconstruct human-centred design and speculate about alternative practices. The aim of my project is to engage designers to develop a practice that is an alternative to the anthropocentric technological systems of (ecological) destruction, exclusion and oppression. And to explore (multisensory) ways to interact with the world and all its critters that is more inclusive and more-than-human-centered.

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