Mory, Catch the elusive

by Danique Lemmers

How can people be more conscious of the scent of a moment, so they remember their life longer and better?

Scent | Graduation Work | 2021 | Memory | Human | Scents

Who are we without our memories?
Life is elusive like a scent, it evaporates. The same way memories and people evaporate in our lives. Nothing lasts forever, but we can catch scents so we can preserve precious moments for longer. Catch scents with Mory, interact with them and save the good times. Our retrospective self is the one that tells our life story so enjoy and catch your life story.

What you smell today, is your memory of the future.
Caro Verbeek

Go find a Mory or casually find one in a museum garden. With a Mory you can catch the scents of your life, so you remember the most precious moments for longer and more intensely. Open him up and catch the scent of the moment. Close him and place it some in a nice spot, so you can interact with Mory and never forget the scent.

Mory originated from researching emotional worth and memories. The goal is to let people save moments better that are worth saving. At locations where generations connect with nature and culture melting together in magical places. Enjoying the little things and saving moments in a multi-sensorial way are the core values of the Mory’s from Danique.

Life is elusive like a scent, it evaporates. The same way memories and people evaporate in our lives. Nothing lasts forever, but we can do our best to remember our life better and longer. During our life, we learn and do many things. For instance, we build a personality from scratch and become who we want to be. We make memories becoming someone and to ensure we are not forgotten. However, when we forget our memories, who are we? Without our memories we are nobody. Our retrospective self is the one that tells our life story, but that becomes a difficult task without our precious moments.

Scents of a moment will be remembered much longer than a sound or image will. This is because our smell is the oldest sense and is closely related to our hippocampus. Your hippocampus is responsible for your memory. Your smell is also closely related to your amygdala, which will connect your emotions to the scent so you will remember your most precious moments and people for the rest of your life.

Build your life story and catch the scents of your memories with your Mory. Talk about your memories and stories to avoid forgetting them. Every time you interact with Mory it will release your memory in the air, which helps you see the elusive. Since scents are like our lives, they are not everlasting. So, beware that your catched scent will be gone after a while and will not last forever. Fortunately, the memory of the moment will be remembered forever and stay in your head as a memory. 

Three locations have been selected carefully. Places, where Danique made beautiful memories and a scent, played a huge role. Places, where nature and culture melt together magically. Three gardens of musea where you can find around 10 Mory’s at the time. The calming effect of the Kruller Muller Museum, the old atmosphere of the Dordts Museum and the magical garden of the Voorlinden Museum. The feeling of freedom combined with her enthusiasm and overwhelming tranquillity of nature. Places, where young and old come together and enjoy life. Places, where generations connect and magically come together through nature and culture.


"The first museum where I saw art without it being in a frame. Interactive, youthful but mostly with a surprising deeper layer in the story behind it. Different collections, something for everybody. A museum where you do not have to be an art-lover and where I brought different people with me. It is a museum where the scenery could fit in a frame and you should free an entire day for the visit. So you can see everything besides the collections and booklets plus taking a stroll through the nature and sculpture garden surrounding the museum. I will always remember the scent of wet grass that was always there, coincidence? I do not think so!"


"A place I visited as a toddler with school, later on in high school as part of an assignment and nowadays for inspiration and peace. First the scent of water and boats, then the silence and scent of freshly cut grass that changes in clean and dry air when you walk through the big museum door. A pleasant atmosphere but a little too cold. It is a place I visited many times and I can talk along the audio tour of the standard collection."

"It is a relatively new museum for me that I link to white bikes with a child seat on the back. A museum at the best location in the Netherlands, where you can spot wild deer and boars on the way plus enjoy spectacular views. I went there for the first time with Tim, I bought my first artwork here and returned there many times. A museum where the outside is as beautiful as the inside."

Danique is often fascinated by connecting generations. Combining and connecting the old and new of the world. From the beginning family and friends had a crucial role in her life. Thus the choice was made for the craft of wood spinning where two generations are connected. But, the locations are also based on the ultimate goal to save memories with your loved ones in a multi-sensorial way.

Every Mory is unique, just like every moment, scent, tree and person are. The Mory’s are always handmade from wood waste from a tree that lived on the same location where the Mory’s can be found. The first ones are from cherry wood waste from a tree that was blown over on the Hoge Veluwe. The tree gets a second life while the minimal amount of wood gets lost and the rest becomes an object with worth. 

Locations or people can request more Mory's in a place or location. The parc or township accounts for the production costs. People will save a scent with Mory and remember the moment longer. They will also remember the location for longer with the extra experience Mory is providing them. As a company, you could put in a request to give your guests an extra experience by saving scents. Your brand will be remembered longer and people will develop a deeper emotional connection.

Do you want to know more about Mory? Click the link below. You can read every review, the summary and watch the process of how a Mory is made on our Instagram page! Feel free to catch scents of moments anywhere else without a Mory, just use your senses and catch the elusive!

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