Rage Button

by Thob van Kaam

How can I reduce toxic behavior by using a product?

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Toxicity (Negative behaviour) is a common and increasing problem in the world of online multiplayer gaming. Harsh words and other forms of harassments are being exchanged when the game does not go in one’s favour due to their frustration. This product is meant to be an alternative way in which the user can vent their frustration by hitting it. To combat negativity, a positive message will be send to the team chat to maintain a friendly environment.

Gamers tend to harras each other, due to frustrations when the game does not go in one’s favour. The reason for this behaviour comes from frustrations when the player just died or received a loss in a game. This will result in a chain reaction. Toxic behaviour is contagious and spreads towards many different online games.

As a gamer myself, I dislike the harassments and conflicts that come with it. Noticing that in a toxic team, the chances of winning were lowered. Therefore, it was my goal to decrease the chance of toxicity. To find an answer to this problem, I started researching this behaviour and found out that frustration is mostly the main reason for toxicity.

To vent the frustration, gamers have different methods of doing so. One of these methods is hitting their desk. The Rage Button is meant to be an alternative way for gamers to vent their frustration by hitting it. Hitting an object is a great way to relieve frustrations physically but also mentally, as this releases tension. The button has a foam rubber (polyether) interior, this prevents the user from hurting himself or damaging the desk.

When the button is hit, a positive message will be send to the team chat to maintain a friendly environment. The message is to reduce the chance of toxicity. The reason for this is that the opposite of negative behaviour is positive behaviour. Just like negative behaviour, being positive is contagious. The teammates will have an increased chance that they are positive towards each other. Even during a temporary setback. It is proven that playing in a friendly environment also brings better results.

The Rage Button is compatible with more than 10 games. With many of them being popular Esport titles. Examples given are Rocket League, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Overwatch, League of Legends and Apex Legends.
To keep the product from being a one-time gimmick. Future updates will be released every year, to stay compatible with future game titles. The button can be customized to the users’ liking as the sleeve of the button can be easily opened for an alternative sleeve. In a later update, it will be possible for players to pick pre-made sentences and even be compatible for modern gaming consoles.